Carole Lévesque
Vice-president, executive coach
514 781-4560
Emmanuel Challier
President, executive coach
514 475-7821
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Using Carole’s services during my career transition was a considerable help, indeed indispensable. Empathetic and an excellent counselor, she was with me from the beginning (when things weren’t going so well…) to the end (when things were going much better!), with constant availability and endless sound advice.

When you lose your job after several years in the same place, you’re bound to have to dust off a lot of things. That’s where Carole’s strength comes in. With her head and her heart, she knows how to ask the right questions to bring out our unique values and strengths.

As processes move forward, she adapts her advice and pulls new tools out of her trunk. On the other hand, not all hiring processes develop as desired. Once again, Coach Carole conveys her positivism and keeps us focused on the goal.

In conclusion, if your employer is forcing you into a career transition OR if you’re the one who wants to move on to another stage in your career, Carole is the one for you. She’ll be your best investment and asset.

Patrice C.