Job hunting is a process that can’t be improvised. It must be managed like any other business project. That’s why we put at your disposal the expertise we’ve acquired working for some of the world’s leading outplacement firms, based on over 20 years of professional experience in all sectors of activity.

We are proud to be a source of inspiration for each of our customers, helping them to identify the next logical step in their professional development.

Our ambition is to redefine every period of professional change as a genuine opportunity for growth, fulfillment, adjustment, and the realization of the ideal job.

We are resolutely focused on the constant search for the optimum solution and the effectiveness of the strategies we implement. This enables us to quickly build up a relationship of trust with each and every person we work with.

We look forward to serving you in this challenging period of professional transition.

Our vision

Anyone who loses his or her job should always benefit from personalized coaching to identify the next logical step in his or her career path with the support of a career transition coach.

Our values

Our priority is to create a human and collaborative work dynamic to support all those involved in the end-of-employment process.