Our expertise

Reclassification assistance committee
Reclassification assistance

We assist business clients in designing and deploying their career centre, which is totally dedicated to implementing the best strategies to benefit individuals in a situation of professional transition.

  • Implement an overall process: managing operations, legal aspect
  • Host specialized workshops: summary, communication tools, search strategy, interviews
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Partner network: placement agencies, headhunters, industrial clusters, decision makers
  • Onboarding coaching for the new position
Career transition and management
transition and management

We assist business clients in announcing the end of employment to employees and we stay in contact throughout the program to inform them of the status of the processes.

We help individual clients in crafting their new employment cycle through the steps set out in the process.

We offer each individual involved in the transition a space for freedom and creativity to invent their new positioning on the market :

  • Defining their role and responsibilities
  • Short- and medium-term career
  • Research strategy
  • Salary negotiation
Leadership coaching

We assist business clients in optimally managing their human resources.

As change management specialists, we are driven to identify and implement the best “winwin” solutions for both the company and the individual subject to change :

  • Mobility and internal promotions
  • New responsibilities
  • Conflict management
  • Team-building.